Seth Christian, MD, MBA

Seth  Christian

Seth Christian, MD, MBA, is a double fellowship-trained, board-certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain management physician with an interest in improving healthcare delivery and outcomes. He joins Paradigm Health Systems after finishing his most recent appointment as a Pain Management Fellow at Stanford University, which was awarded the nation’s best pain fellowship by the American Academy of Pain Medicine during his fellowship.

Dr. Christian’s mission for his practice is a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that integrates medications and interventions with functional rehabilitation and pain psychology modalities to generate the very best outcomes.

While in anesthesiology residency at Tulane, he also received his MBA and developed his interests in healthcare quality and process improvement. He understands that efficient systems and processes are crucial for delivering high quality care. After completing residency, he completed a fellowship in Perioperative Management at Tulane and subsequently went on to serve five years as an anesthesiologist at Tulane University Hospital, where he was Director of Quality and Clinical Director of the Operating Room.

In Dr. Christian’s experience, he believes that large hospital systems are necessary for providing a wide range of services, but feels that the excessive size and lack of clinical focus leads to unnecessary administrative overhead and inefficient process that drive up costs and are detrimental to patient care. In direct contrast, Dr. Christian was drawn to Paradigm and Sterling Surgical Hospital for its minimal administrative overhead and efficient processes that facilitate the delivery of care and minimize costs to patients all while providing a luxurious, spa like environment.

He felt the intangibles hardworking people who truly enjoy their jobs made Paradigm the obvious choice for his life goals and says that between the culture, the character and the care Paradigm delivers, he was right at home.

Dr. Christian, who, along with his wife, Pia, enjoys making friends through triathlons and weekend races, also hopes to bring that same community spirit to his practice by building social support structures through a group exercise program specific to pain patients.