Board of Directors

Kevin  Schneider

Kevin Schneider

Chairman of the Board, Managing Partner

Rex  Houser

Rex Houser

Chief of Staff, Board of Directors

Terrell  Hemelt

Terrell Hemelt

Physician Member, Board of Directors

Richard P. Texada, Jr.

Richard P. Texada, Jr.

Physician Member, Board of Directors

Sterling Surgical Staff

Michael   Lamb

Michael Lamb


(985) 690-8200

Shawn  Danos

Shawn Danos

Director of Nurses & Perioperative Services


Melissa  Prendergast

Melissa Prendergast

Director of Inpatient Services

(985) 690-8215

Nicole  Brouillette

Nicole Brouillette

Director of Business Office & Revenue Cycle


Tammy  Torregano

Tammy Torregano

Director of Finance & Accounting

(985) 690-8205

Margaret  M. Soileau

Margaret M. Soileau

Pre-Admit & Lab Director

(985) 690-8251

Terri  McCoy

Terri McCoy

Director of UR, Case Management, Employee Health & Patient Advocacy

(985) 690-8212

Leslie   Williams

Leslie Williams

OR Coordinator


Ashley  Bickham

Ashley Bickham

Materials Manager

(985) 690-8265

Cindy  Alexander

Cindy Alexander


(985) 690-8232

Dale   Liljedahl

Dale Liljedahl

Facilities & Security