Daniel H. Hake Joins Paradigm Health Systems Team

May 02, 2017 | Sterling Surgical Hospital

Paradigm Health System is pleased to welcome Daniel H. Hake, DPM, FACFAS—a nationally-recognized podiatric surgeon—to its extensive team of specialists and committed healthcare professionals.

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Dr. Hake joined Paradigm Health System after gaining decades of experience in academic surgical programs at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines and in practice at Ochsner Northshore and the Louisiana Heart Hospital.

He specializes in reconstructive surgery of the rear foot and ankle and is the only podiatrist in the state of Louisiana who handles total ankle replacement.

Citing the abundant expertise and superior collaboration at Paradigm Health System, Dr. Hake says he sees choosing the system as an honor and an opportunity to work with top-notch partners, including fellow Paradigm podiatrist, Dr. Darren Vigee. He felt confident it was the best place to put his efforts to grow his podiatric presence on the Northshore.

“It’s an outstanding operation,” he says. “They’re a very focused group. They only want the right physician specialty, the right skill set and the right temperament that fits in to the rest of the team. They’re not going to tolerate some prima donna throwing instruments in the operating room. And believe me, that happens.”

As the only Louisiana podiatrist performing total ankle replacement, Dr. Hake says the boutique atmosphere and cutting-edge operating rooms of Paradigm’s Sterling Surgical Hospital are an additional advantage in his new position. “I have patients coming from as far away as Georgia and North Mississippi. On some of the bigger surgeries and major reconstructions, they’ll have a chance to stay at Sterling to deal with pain management and I’m quite sure they will be pleased with it. It offers the best experience available today in medical-surgical care—for physicians and patients alike,” he says.

Another frequent procedure Dr. Hake performs is the HyProCure procedure, a minimally-invasive surgical implant to treat misaligned feet. The condition affects an estimate 45 percent of the population yet often gets misdiagnosed as its symptoms: knee, hip and back pain. His extensive experience has led to him being named the region’s sole Center of Excellence for the surgery.

Dr. Hake says the technique is life-changing. “I’m all-in on HyProCure because of how it transforms someone in pain into someone able to live the life they want to,” he says. “I lecture and teach cadaver labs around the country on it because I’m trying to get more physicians exposed to the procedure so more people can be helped.”

Though he has held many national board positions and guest lectures frequently at symposiums across the country, he places highest regard on his board certification.

“I feel my biggest honor is holding the board certification from the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery,” says Dr. Hake. “There is only a small percentage of physicians in the United States who have that accreditation and it signifies a uniquely high standard in the level of care that I am confident and pleased to be able to offer my patients.”

Dr. Hake received his doctorate of podiatric medicine from the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa. He remained there as a surgical resident and eventually went on to become an associate professor as well as director of the resident training program.

During a seven-year stint in private practice, he created and directed a surgical residency at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital in western Iowa. He and his wife, also a foot surgeon, seized the opportunity to come south when they were hired by Ochsner Northshore.

Dr. Hake has two grown children and a high schooler and he lives and is active in the Madisonville community with his wife, Dr. Sue Hake.

According to Kevin Schneider, Paradigm Health System President, Dr. Hake is an ideal addition to the Paradigm team.

“Knowing Dr. Hake was in great demand, I feel honored he chose Paradigm Health System,” Schneider says. “His two decades of academic work and following experience in complex podiatric surgery will draw patients from all over the region and in the far reaches of surrounding states. Despite the skill and prestige, he is genuine, deeply compassionate and very comfortable to be around from the first hello. In short he’s the perfect type of physician for Paradigm and a great leader to join our team.”

Dr. Hake has appointments beginning immediately out of all Paradigm clinic locations— Covington, Lacombe and Slidell. Call 985-649-9795 for an appointment today.